Understanding the World of Delta 8 Products

David Nadel "The Beast of Content" on Mar 28th 2021

Delta 8 THC is the cannabinoid that has gotten the whole hemp community talking, with its fascinating effects that make it quite unique from other compounds of the hemp plant. Like CBD (cannabidio … read more

The Truth About CBD Benefits for Athletes

Dr. Carlie Bell-Biggins, ND on May 24th 2020

CBD shows great potential as a supplement for athletes of all levels. If you play sports or enjoy athletics of any kind, you know how easy it is to stress the body and suffer strains, sprains, and oth … read more

How to Choose a Compliant Hemp Testing Laboratory

Roger Brown, CEO/President at ACS Laboratory on May 24th 2020

Jama’s study, for example, showed that only 17% of lab results accurately profiled cannabinoid concentration in edibles. That means a sizable portion of samples contained more THC than the results ind … read more